Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection

Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection

A minimal portion of the water on earth is drinkable, yet it replenishes all life. As the planet’s population continues to surge upward, our commitment to dutifully manage this most precious resource must follow. From collection to treatment to distribution to reuse, the employment of efficient and dependable systems will allow for life’s continual renewal.

Featured Projects

23rd Street Waterline

The project consisted of replacing 2,800 linear feet of 16-inch waterline, multiple service line connections, fire hydrants, all associated valves and more. Learn More →

Hospital Area Water Lines

CEC provided design services associated with developing construction documents for the replacement of multiple waterlines in the hospital area. Learn More →

8-Inch and 18-Inch Waterline

CEC provided design services for the widening of the intersection at 2nd Street and Bryant Avenue. Learn More →

Our Services

Water Distribution

  • Water Systems Network Modeling
  • Pipeline Systems Design

Wastewater Collection

  • Wastewater Systems Modeling
  • Gravity Pipeline Systems
  • Wastewater Systems Rehabilitation

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