Broadband Engineering

Broadband Engineering

When it comes to staying connected, CEC®’s broadband team compiles joint-use applications, performs field data collection, completes pole loading analysis, handles make-ready design, offers construction management services, and post-construction inspections.

Our clients include broadband and telecommunication companies, electric utilities, and federal, state, municipal and county government agencies. We offer extensive services, which allow us to be involved with projects from the beginning permitting process all the way through post-construction assessments.

Featured Projects

Make-Ready Engineering for Bluepeak Fiber

In order to attach to new aerial fiber optic cable, CEC performed a full analysis of 5,695 poles in 29 separate work orders. Learn More →

Fiber Analysis in Oklahoma

This project included physical in-field height measurements of all existing conductors and telecommunication lines, as well as LiDAR scanning. Learn More →

Pole Loading Analysis in Texas

Our team performed Pole Loading Analysis on 1200 Xcel Energy poles in Texas. Learn More →

Our Capabilities

Data Collection

  • Conventional Survey
  • Geographic Information System
  • Mobile Mapping/Lidar
  • UAS Aerial Photogrammetry and Lidar
  • Manned Aerial Photogrammetry and Lidar
  • Power Walkouts
  • Underground Utility Locating


  • Pole Inventory
  • Structural Pole Analysis
  • Pole Attachment Applications
  • Route Analysis
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Design
  • Property and Boundary Survey and Mapping
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
  • Utility Pole Attachment Permit
  • Record Research and Updates
  • Joint Use Design
  • Crossing Drawings and Permitting

Construction Management & Inspection

  • Document Construction Installation
  • On-Site Quality Assurance Inspection
  • As-Built Databasings
  • Staking Services

Additional Services

  • Pole Configuration Development
  • Small Cell, Power, and Fiber Design Engineering
  • Jurisdictional Coordination and Standards Development
  • Small Cell, Power, and Fiber Jurisdictional Permitting
  • Splicing Diagrams/Schematics

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