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Seminole-Ashland Transmission Restoration

seminole-ashland restoration, og&e, oklahoma gas and electric, transmission design, transmission analysis, PLS-CADD models

CEC worked with Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) to assess and restore the 38-mile Seminole-Ashland 345kV H-Frame Transmission Line. This project included physical field inspection of 540 transmission structures. CEC crews carefully assessed each structure, including the structural analysis of each pole, and piece of equipment. Through their analysis, CEC determined the best solution for each structure whether it be repair, reinforcement, or replacement. CEC’s design incorporated OG&E’s construction standards and in-stock material. CEC created and/or updated drawings and PLS-CADD models to show each design solution. The material was entered in OG&E’s material management software where CEC developed a complete project cost estimate.

Challenges for this line included:

  • Traversing the T-line terrain while inspecting
  • Researching material to fit static wire and bundled conductor with armor rods not common with their standards