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Crossings Community Church Edmond Campus

In 2014, CEC Surveying and Mapping provided our services to Crossings Community Church.  CEC produced a full pre-design topographic, boundary, and ALTA Certification survey for the future construction of a satellite church in Edmond, Oklahoma.  There were several factors that went into making this a successful and rewarding survey:

  • At the beginning of every survey there is a multitude of processes and planning, and with the exceptional coordination of the CEC team – survey was able to hit the ground running.
  • Re-establishing the correct property and section lines is vital when working in an area that is heavily populated, with many other surveys having been completed in close-proximity.  The necessary research included various subdivisions as well as utilizing the City of Edmond roadway plans.
  • Containing an existing tank battery, safety was key in accessing the oil well site that set on the property.  After careful coordination, CEC was allowed to enter the risky site and obtain the topographic information needed to arrange the removal of the oil tanks from the future home of the church.

Whether it be off the beaten path or in a busy city such as Edmond Oklahoma, CEC truly values every project undertaken.  While every project has a different impact, few can bring together community and families such as the development of a new church.  CEC was proud to be a play a part in this project, and is pleased to see the magnificent construction of the Crossings Community Satellite Church of Edmond, Oklahoma.