Airport Planning and Design

Business aviation has a direct impact on the economic development of communities; CEC’s airport team understands the value of that impact.

CEC airport project

Airport Planning and Design

Aviation continues to be a driving force of American freedom and ingenuity. A well developed and maintained airport is vital to attracting and retaining business to rural communities and major metropolitan centers alike. Because airports represent such a significant investment by their owners, dedication to their ongoing maintenance, commitment to improved technologies, and ability to meet their future aviation demands has never been more important.


Pavement Expansion

  • Widen / Lengthen / Strengthen Runways and Taxiways
  • Aircraft Parking Apron Improvements

Pavement Maintenance

  • Vegetation Encroachment / Stabilization
  • Crack and Joint Seal and Rehabilitation
  • Base Failure Reconstruction
  • Seal Coats / Overlays
  • New Markings / Rubber Removal 

Other Related Services

  • Airport Layout Plans (ALP) & Master Plans
  • Height Zoning Ordinances & Maps
  • Avigation Easements
  • Airport Master Plans
  • Security Fencing and Motorized Gates
  • Land Acquisition
  • Water and Sewer Lines
  • Utility Coordination
  • Airport Entrance and Internal Roads
  • Obstruction Surveys for Instrument Approaches

Grading and Drainage

  • Drainage Studies and Storm Sewer Improvements
  • Runway and Taxiway Safety Area Improvements 

Buildings and Facilities

  • T-Hangars
  • Executive Hangars
  • Large Maintenance Hangars
  • Terminal Buildings
  • NAVAIDs and Shelter
  • Fueling Facilities (including self-service) 

Electrical / Lighting Systems

  • Radio Controlled Runway and Taxiway Lighting
  • Lighted Wind Cones and Segmented Circles
  • Apron Security Lighting
  • Rotating Beacons and Obstruction Lights
  • Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS)
  • Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI)
  • Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)
  • Approach Lighting Systems (ALS)
  • Guidance Signs