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US-69 Calera

One of the largest projects in Oklahoma, US-69 is an example of visualization used at every stage of the project, from project bidding to the public meeting and onward into construction. Located just south of Durant, Oklahoma, Calera is a relatively small to moderate sized town with a much larger traffic volume due to the casino on its north side and proximity to the Texas border. Additionally, US-69 is part of a high-volume freight corridor that extends from Laredo, Texas to Canada. This higher traffic volume combined with the existing roadway design made the town susceptible to traffic accidents and frequent slowdowns, particularly whenever a train was going through town. As such, part of the goal for the visualization model was to highlight how the new design would address these traffic issues both during and after construction.

US-69 was also the first ODOT project where CEC used the 3D visualization model during design meetings with other partnered companies. Free navigation of the model during meetings allowed designers from different companies to see how their own work might look in the final product. Later, during the public meeting, residents could navigate through the model to find how their individual home or business was affected by the construction and provide immediate feedback to designers.