Brown-Russett Crossing

Tri-State Ammunition Plant Transmission Line Rebuild

CEC designed this reroute of 3 miles including the design of a crossing over the Old Channel Washita River for this 138kV Transmission line in Bryan, Johnston, and Marshall counties of Oklahoma. Also as part of this project, CEC provided a full plan and profile of the entire 18 mile line which was created in PLS-CADD. The project was necessary because this 3 mile section of the line is located in a floodplain and the existing poles were showings signs of aging and deterioration. Since the line is located in a floodplain, CEC’s design utilized steel poles instead of the standard WFEC design of wood. 

Special design features included:

  • Re-spotted Structures and Designed New Structures replacing 3 mile 138kV Transmission Line
  • 18 mile PLS-CADD Plan & Profile Created
  • Designed according to RUS and WFEC standards using h-frame construction.
  • Design Included 3 Self-Supporting Structures
  • RUS bid and material units developed
  • Survey Processing and structure staking completed by CEC