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Sara Road Fuse Coordination Study

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This project addressed reliability concerns of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (OEC) with one of their distribution circuits served from the Sara Substation located in Mustang, OK. This study included a load and fault current study of the distribution system. After examining the circuit, CEC recommended protective devices and fuse sizes to sectionalize the circuit. CEC analyzed over 100 fuses and protective devices over the 20 miles of distribution system.

CEC provided time-current curve details at each station, a one-line diagram, and an overview of Sara Substation breaker settings. In addition to sizing the fuses, OEC requested CEC analyze the advantages and disadvantages of T-type vs. K-type fuses and make a recommendation on whether to use T-type fuses in future designs. OEC is using the findings of this Fuse Coordination Study and applying them to other circuits throughout their territory.