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Roadway Relocation Projects

Roadway Relocation Projects

CEC works with OG&E and city/government agencies to coordinate the relocation of facilities in conflict with proposed roadway plans. The scope of project can be simple, 2-5 poles or as long as 10 miles. CEC has worked on over 100 relocation projects with OG&E with project designs ranging in difficulty from relocating with like structures to converting to underground conductor to long highway crossings with self-supporting structures designed with PLS-CADD.

On each project, CEC proposes a new route to OG&E for their facilities and an associated cost estimate for the relocation. A major piece of relocation projects is to ascertain where easement and right-of-ways are located. CEC will work with the roadway engineering group to determine the best possible route for the new overhead and underground facilities to avoid all obstacles associated with the project.

Submittal documents include:

  • Relocation design plans
  • Cost Estimate
  • Reimbursement form (if applicable)
  • OG&E private easement documents (if applicable)
  • Not-to exceed costs
  • Highway Crossing drawings & permits (if applicable)