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Reject Pole Replacement Program

CVEC Reject Pole Replacement Program

CEC was selected by Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative to inspect rejected poles and design work packets, using RUS standards and CVEC materials, for distribution to construction crews. The project began in 2016 and CEC has designed solutions for 2,500 poles throughout CVEC’s service territory.

As part of the project, CEC worked with CVEC and modified the existing paper drawings to include AutoCad sketches detailing CVEC’s distribution facilities. After CVEC moved to NISC, CEC now designs the project in the client preferred software using a Bluetooth compatible GPS receiver with sub-meter accuracy.

The design work completed by CEC includes:

  • Careful field assessment for structures and equipment
  • Engineering calculations for poles and down guys
  • Updated design sheets that show needed changes to poles, cross arms, anchors, downs guys, and electrical equipment
  • Detailed plans for construction crews