Red Bud Power Plant

In early 2016, CEC was contracted to provide surveying services to support new design in an operating power plant. The purpose for the data collection was to accurately survey an existing grey water tank and the surrounding structures. The CEC team was presented with the unique test of capturing a complex system of piping networks and valve systems. The team decided this was the perfect opportunity to utilize terrestrial LiDAR 3D laser scanning.

The foundation of accurate LiDAR begins the same as any survey – establishing control. The CEC team set a network of registration targets throughout the site and acquired 3D positioning. The intricate piping networks presented the challenge of establishing scanning locations based on sightlines to the survey control targets. By taking time to create an in depth scan/target plan, CEC was able to capture all needed LiDAR data efficiently while ensuring data accuracy and precision.

At CEC, we truly believe in using the right tool in the tool chest. This project challenged the team to think outside the box and implement technology best suited to meet and exceed what was required. Through a combination of teamwork and critical thinking, the CEC team was able to make a positive impact on this unique design project.