Private 15 Acre Site

Private 15 Acre SitePrivate 15 Acre Site

In the summer of 2017, CEC conducted a series of UAS data collection missions for a private property in Edmond, OK. The purpose of the project was to generate an accurate orthomosaic and perform various analyses of collected data.  With the project site being approximately 15 acres, it was a perfect candidate for UAS.

The key to any successful aerial project begins with a great plan. Thinking critically about the project’s purpose, requirements, and end deliverable can greatly affect the details of the data acquisition. By evaluating the process before heading to the field, we were able to calculate the required overlap/sidelap and altitude needed to achieve the planned resolution.

By taking the time to understand the project’s purpose, the CEC UAS team was able to plan, execute, and produce usable, consumable aerial data. The final deliverables included a 0.6 in/px orthomosaic and green leaf index analysis of the project site.