Load Tap Changer Controls

Load Tap ChangerLoad Tap Changer

CEC worked with Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) to install upgraded load tap changer controls in 13 substations. These projects included installation of fiber optic communications between the control house and the transformer. CEC also collaborated with OG&E to expand operation capabilities of their SCADA system. The design work completed by CEC for these projects include:

  • Updating Schematic and wiring diagrams
  • Generating material lists
  • Updating layout and structural drawings
  • Designing and facilitating replacement of power equipment
  • Updating panel and cable layouts
  • Compilation of reference lists
  • Detailed construction notes

These projects also included document and drawing updates for both the System Protection and Control division and the Substation division of OG&E. Upon completion and acceptance of each modified document or drawing, CEC placed the updated files back into the OG&E archival system. In addition, CEC assisted in reservation and procurement of material by direct entry into OG&E’s estimation and accounting system (SAP).