WFEC Amber Substation



CEC designed a new, physical substation layout, and site design for the 138 kV Amber substation near Amber, OK. This substation feeds the new Cardinal Midstream Iron Horse gas processing plant. A new 138 kV terminal and high bus was also added for future expansion. CEC was responsible for the site design, including drainage, earthwork and driveways. CEC coordinated with both WFEC and OEC, the distribution cooperative, to complete the design.

  • Substation Design
    • Steel Drawings
    • Elevations
    • Plan View
    • Grounding Design
    • Foundation Design
    • Cable / Conduit Schedule
  • Civil / Site Design
    • Drainage / Earthwork
    • Substation Pad
    • Driveways
  • Special Design Features
    • Expanded 138 kV high bus
    • Two 22.4 MVA transformers (one future)
    • Four Distribution bay exits per transformer
    • Over 16,500 cubic yards of excavation