Tribune/KFOR Channel 4 Studio

Tribune Media/KFOR Channel 4

The new facility is expected to be a stand-alone, single story building approximately 38,000 sq.ft. in size.  The existing building is to remain operational until the new facility is complete and occupied.  The existing building will then be demolished. The proposed building will be constructed while the existing facility is in operation.

Portions of the new facility are to be designed to withstand EF3 tornadic wind speeds (167 mph). From previous conversations with the Owner, it is unknown at this time which areas will be required to be designed to this wind speed other than the Broadcast Studio and associated spaces required to keep the station on the air.

The superstructure of the “safe room” areas is expected to consist of precast concrete. The remaining spaces may be conventionally framed structural steel or precast concrete as well.  The proposed site design for the new facility will include a new security gate and fencing, roughly 175 parking stalls (including 32 visitor stalls), and revisions to the location of the satellite farm. The existing fuel depot, helicopter pad, helicopter garage, chiller plant, generator, and cooling tower are expected to remain in-place. CEC Materials Testing provided on-site foundation inspection, soil compaction testing, concrete testing, reinforcing steel inspection and structural steel inspections.