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I-40 Exit 82, Weatherford

Exit 82 is the first exit from the Interstate into the town of Weatherford, Oklahoma and its connecting intersections are some of the busiest. Prior to construction, the intersection of Main and Washington was prone to high traffic and a number of accidents, mostly due to illegal or unsafe movements by motorists directly around the intersection. For designers on the project, one of the primary concerns was remaking the intersection to allow for improved movement while also reducing the amount of accidents and ensuring that none of the local businesses were cut off from traffic flow. For the CEC Visualization Team, the primary task was making sure that the public was able to see how these concerns were addressed. In a meeting with the public and the Weatherford Area Economic Development Foundation (WAEDF), residents and business owners were able to view the video displayed above and get a firmer grasp on how traffic would flow through the intersection.