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HubTack CCR GIS Data Creation

GIS, geographic information systems, infrastructure planning, planning and design, web maps, asset collection, asset management

CEC created a point feature class of all recorded section and quarter section corners that contain a surveyed coordinate along with image(s) of each certified corner record (CCR) that contained a coordinate in Canadian County. Attributes created that were associated with the feature class included the XY coordinates and the date listed on the CCR of when it was created, the coordinate system of the original XY data, conversion, and any notes needed about that location. The final feature class was created in NAD 83 State Plane Oklahoma North coordinate system to match the coordinate system the client currently uses. CEC also created metadata according to the FGDC standards. After completion of the data creation and delivery to the client, CEC conducted a 4-hour training session with personnel from the Assessor’s Office on how to read and accurately decipher CCR documents, as well as background and the use of the HubTack website. This data will be used in future work by the Canadian County GIS staff when drawing and anchoring new and updated parcels and subdivision polygons.