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Horseshoe Lake-SW 36th Transmission Tower Line

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CEC was responsible for the evaluation and design of (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) NERC corrections on a 15.7 mile long 138kV line stretching from Oklahoma Gas and Electric's (OG&E) Horseshoe Lake Power Plant to the Reno 36th Street substation. The project was initiated by OG&E in order for them to bring this transmission line into NERC compliance. This design involved the 3D model and finite element strength analysis of lattice towers. CEC modeled the existing towers and additional 10’ tower extensions to clear violations of up to 8’. A special yoke plate double dead-end design to replace suspension insulators was established as a quick and cost effective correction for smaller violations of up to 2.5’.

The design work completed by CEC for this project included:

  • 3-D modeling of line and poles
  • 3-D modeling and analysis of lattice towers
  • Identify NESC clearance violations
  • Remediation plan for each violation
  • Replaced 16 H-frame structures
  • Added 10’ extensions to 2 lattice towers
  • Raised 18 phases with suspension to dead-end replacements