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Enid Woodring Regional Airport Runway Extension

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In order to better support the civilian jet traffic at the airport, as well as the mission at nearby Vance Air Force Base, it was determined that the runway should be extended 2,362 feet to a useable length of 8,000 feet.

As a prerequisite to the runway extension, 3 parcels of land were acquired, and a section line road re-routed to provide adequate Runway Object Free Area, as well as obstruction clearance, for the approach to Runway 35.

In addition to the paving operations for the extension, a separate construction contract was bid to install a new, FAA-owned Instrument Landing System (localizer and glideslope) and approach light system.  The FAA PAPI for Runway 35 was also relocated.

A temporary displaced threshold was installed on Runway 35 at the beginning of the project, allowing all corporate tenants to continue to operate during the project.  During the duration of the 16 month project, the runway was only closed for a total of 4 days.

In addition to engineering services CEC also provided resident inspection for the duration of the project.