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Lincoln-Meeker Transmission Line

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CEC designed a 14.5 mile long 138kV transmission line from OG&E’s Lincoln Switch to WFEC’s New Meeker Switch for WFEC. The line, located in Lincoln County in central Oklahoma, was built using h-frame RUS construction and 1590 ACSR conductor. Due to timing restraints and despite right-of-way issues, CEC designed this project without the use of self-supporting structures. The project was initiated after facilities studies indicated the need for a new line tying the two switch stations.

Design Features:

  • Designed according to RUS and WFEC standards using cable braced h-frame construction
  • Drawings developed for tangent assemblies, deadend assemblies, running angles assemblies and splice points using 1590 (45/7) ACSR, 3/8” EHS and fiber optic (OPGW) shield wire
  • Damper recommendations and drawings developed
  • Two highway crossing drawings created
  • RUS bid and material units developed
  • 3D PLS-CADD and PLS-Pole models developed