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Fixico-Kolache River Crossing

CEC discovered washed out structures along the Canadian River during inspection of the line through a Transmission Restoration project. CEC and OG&E worked together to evaluate multiple options for relocation of the line. Details considered in making the decision included timeframe, ROW issues, environmental considerations, FAA restrictions, and the desire to eliminate any structures being placed in the riverbed. After R/W discussions fell through, CEC and OG&E decided the best solution was to stay in existing R/W and span the entire riverbed.

CEC evaluated many options and decided to utilize All Aluminum Alloy Conductor (AAAC) for the long span crossing. By using AAAC, the design was able to use structures shorter than 200’ which kept the design under the requirements for FAA permitting, painting and lighting. The final solution called for 155’ and 165’ structures and a 2,551’ span.