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Fay Substation

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CEC designed a new 138/26.4kv substation in Fay, OK for Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC). The substation is being built in coordination with WFEC and the distribution cooperative, Cimarron Electric, to meet the growing load demands in the area.

Substation Design

  • Foundation
  • Grounding
  • Cable and Conduit, Conduit Schedule
  • Elevations
  • Plan View
  • Steel Drawings
  • Bill of Material

Civil/Site Design

  • Drainage/Earthwork
  • Substation Pad
  • Three Drives


  • 11.3 Miles, 109 Structures
  • 7 Custom Structures

Special Design Features

  • 138 kv High Bus and 26.4kv Low Bus
  • (1) 22.4 MVA Transformer
  • Five Distribution Feeder Exits Including One Spare